Third Album “One World One Sun”

Third album. A blend of world music with jazz.

“No matter which country you visit first, the rich and varied nature of this jazz music will shine through brightly. Another top notch production, this time courtesy of Sony Music Direct.”..Sea of Tranquility


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For her third outing as a leader, the One World One Sun, Hiroe takes an incremental leap both conceptually and compositionally. A remarkably ambitious undertaking, One World One Sun organically blends jazz with elements of ethnic music from around the world. Conceived and composed entirely by Hiroe, this Russell Ferrante production once again includes Peter Erskine on drums along with bassist Michael Valerio and a bevy of special guests playing instruments from their respective cultures. Each tune on this singular concept album is named for some aspect of the sun and incorporates musical scales and other elements from many diverse countries.
“Hiroe did a lot of research and listening to get inside the musical traditions of these 10 geographical areas, and I think she’s come up with a highly personal take on blending a jazz sensibility with the traditions from these various regions.” says Russell Ferrante. Aided by an all-star cast, Hiroe bridges her love of jazz with her love of world music in her stellar third recording as a leader.


  1. Nippon Barre (Japan)
  2. Brillo del Sol (Spain)
  3. Sunshine (Caribbean)
  4. Soorya Kaa Prakaasha (India)
  5. Tidanu Hikari (Okinawa)
  6. Lá Gréine (Ireland)
  7. Sinar Matahari (Indonesia)
  8. Alshshams (Morocco)
  9. Pukana La (Hawaii)
  10. Soleado (Peru)


Hiroe Sekine (Piano)
Michael Valerio (Acoustic Bass, Fretless Bass)
Peter Erskine (Drums)
Alex Acuña (Bombo, Cajón, Darbukkah & Drums)
Andy Narell (Steel Drums)
Antonio de Jerez (Palmas & Voz)
Brad Dutz (Tabla)
Charlie Bisharat (Violin)
Dimitris Mahlis (Oud)
Edgar Huaman Vera (Zampoña)
Eric Rigler (Uilleann Pipes)
Geoff Dent (Gender & Reyong)
Hiromitsu Agatsuma (Tsugaru Shamisen)
Kaori Aoi (Sanshin)
Kazuhiko Kondo (Soprano Saxophone & Bass Clarinet)
Larry Koonse (Tenor Ukulele)
Paul Livingstone (Sitar)
Russell Ferrante (Melodica)
Yukihiro Isso (Nokan & Dengaku-bue)