Second CD “After The Rainfall”

Second Album – After the Rainfall

Hiroe’s second album, After the Rainfall, is a collection of her unique originals plus Brazilian songs, jazz standards, and a Beatles tune. The title suggests a sequel to her 2010 debut CD A-mé (Rain), but Hiroe takes a completely new approach to this set of songs. Without having three horns in front of the rhythm section – like the miniature big band of the first album –she used only one horn, guitar, and a rhythm section this time to create a simpler, lighter, and somewhat brighter sound. She also expanded her universe by adding her own voice to some tracks (including a vocal duet).

For Hiroe, staying with the same direction and style heard on the last album would not have been a thrill. Using these new concepts in making After the Rainfall has rewarded her with real excitement, enjoyment, and the freedom of being an indie artist. In After the Rainfall, each song flows nicely into the next and takes the listener on a journey.

Hiroe Sekine  Piano/keyboard/vocals

Bob Sheppard  Tenor Saxophone/Soprano/Flute

Larry Koonse  Guitar

Darek Oles  Acoustic Bass

Jimmy Johnson  Electric Bass

Peter Erskine  Drums/Shaker

Arnold McCuller  Vocals

Produced By Russell Ferrante